We use software packages for picture and text processing which enables easy navigation and gives a great looking site. HTML, DIV, CSS, PHP, JAVA SCRIPT and MySQL DATABASES are our tools to make completely dynamic websites, including e-commerce. Our team of programmers can create fully automated interactive Web sites with your complete autonomy regarding maintenance as well. We will try to force your customers to return to your site: for checking your offer, reading something new or simply contact you by e-mail.


VOH-B provides clients with solutions that empower the non-technical individuals to take control of web content creation and dissemination with ease. Our content management system provides fast, cost-effective means for creating, deploying and maintaining dynamic, content-rich websites. Now you can easily develop and launch a small, one to five page website or a large-scale database driven corporate or portal website generating 10,000+ pages or more - all with consistent branding and design. 100% updateable over a web browser. Create unlimited pages and sections. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) content editor to add text, images, tables, paragraphs, links and bulleted lists to pages. Multi-language content support. Partially or fully password protected content, grant access to users and groups. Define different user groups to maintain the different area of the website. SEARCH function. SITE MAP for your website. Other modules for specific needs.
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